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Partnering with General Practitioners

Partnering with GPs to ensure continuity of care

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Working together.

The role of a General Practitioner (GP) is integral to ensure continuity of care. At Geriatric Care Australia (GCA), we partner with GPs to ensure the management of a patient in the community does not change. Our aim is to enhance a GPs care by complimenting the skillset of the primary care provider, providing specialist doctor input on the specific and complex areas of geriatric medicine.


Through a ‘Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment’, our specialists undertake a 1-1.5 hour systematic evaluation, sign-posting high-risk issues for GP management. This is a referred service.

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Referrals are accepted via:

Our geriatricians welcome coming on-site to your practice in Sydney or doing a video call to discuss the Geriatric Care Australia geriatrician services and how it may help your patients. To make an appointment please email or call us (02) 9160 0079

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