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How to make an appointment with a Geriatrician


Geriatric Care Australia’s (GCA) team of geriatricians can provide on-site reviews at aged care facilities, partnered retirement villages or online video telehealth consultations. Our Care Coordination team take care to ensure this is a simple process for aged care facilities, older Australians and carers to access our specialist services. The following information has been provided to assist you to understand this.


As Geriatricians are specialist doctors, there are requirements for a patient to be seen and have access to reimbursement or bulk-billing via Medicare. The criteria check-list is:

How to book

  1. GP Referral & New Patient Form: Please complete a New Patient Form and arrange a GP Referral either online (see above) or send to

  2. Appointment: Our Care Coordination team will be in contact within two days to discuss your options for undertaking a geriatrician consultation.

  3. Consultation: Patients are seen by a GCA geriatrician at the agreed appointment time. Initial appointments are typically 1 hour in length.

  4. Follow-up: Our Care Coordination team will appropriately communicate when / if follow-up consultations are due.

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