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Working with Retirement Villages

‘Healthy Ageing’ is a concept which involves developing and maintaining, cognitive and functional wellbeing as we age. Geriatric Care Australia (GCA) appreciates that retirement villages embody this concept, and we provide specialised medical support to ensure this principle is maintained.


GCA focuses on a ‘proactive’ approach to health care. We feel it is important to identify and address issues before they begin to impact on a person’s quality of life and threaten the concept of Healthy Ageing. This approach pivots away from the idea that we should wait for an issue to become a problem before appropriate health care is implemented.


Our geriatricians provide consultative services within retirement villages with no fee (bulk-billed). This ensures that individuals, regardless of physical or cognitive issues, have readily available access to specialist medical services, who actively promote Healthy Ageing. These services are provided through Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments with key areas of focus being:

  • Falls risk and management

  • Assessment of functional needs

  • Screening and management of cognitive issues

  • Education about the key concepts of Healthy Ageing

  • Facilitation and discussions with individuals and their families about future goals of care

  • Referral to appropriate allied health after the development of patient-centred collaborative management plan

GCA collects medical data regarding the issues faced by individuals within retirement villages. By working in partnership we can tailor health care to accommodate the needs of retirement villages by utilising evidence-based research.

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