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Working with Aged Care Facilities

The Royal Commission into Aged Care has highlighted the challenges Residential Aged Care Facilities face in continuing to provide support and care to older people. These challenges cannot be overcome alone, and Geriatric Care Australia (GCA) aims to provide specialised medical support.


Our geriatricians provide on-site consultative services with no fee (bulk-billed). They conduct Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments with a particular focus on:

  • Advanced care planning

  • Rationalising medications particularly antipsychotics

  • Providing thorough behavioural support management plans

  • Evaluating falls risk

  • Involvement in family discussions regarding patient goals of care

  • End of life planning

  • Management of chronic pain

  • Diagnosing and managing cognitive and mental health conditions


These on-site consultative services are performed on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) depending on the need identified by the facility. For those persons who are admitted for respite (temporary accommodation), geriatricians can ensure they are continued to be linked in with a geriatrician in the community for ongoing continuity of support and care.


Through data collection and research, GCA can provide invaluable insights into the issues persons face within these residential aged care facilities, and together develop a cohesive management plan. This allows for a patient-centred, evidence-based approach.

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