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We strive to improve patient outcomes

At Geriatric Care Australia (GCA) we recognise the transformative power of both data utilisation and research.  By combining these two elements, GCA helps drives new models of care and aims to improve the overall well-being of older persons.  GCA leverages data and actively engages in research to shape evidence-based practices and continually strive to provide a high standard of care. Our approach to research includes:


Results Matter

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Data -Driven Models of Care

GCA places a strong emphasis on data-driven research as a cornerstone of its approach. The organisation collects and analyses data, including clinical data, resident feedback, and population health information. By mining these valuable data sources, GCA gains critical insights into the unique challenges and needs of the older population. This research informs the development of evidence-based practices, enabling the organisation to continually refine its care models and provide tailored solutions that aim to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for older persons.


Translating Research into Practice

GCA is committed to translating research findings into tangible improvements in care delivery. The organisation carefully evaluates research outcomes and identifies practical applications that can be implemented within its care settings. By bridging the gap between research and practice, GCA ensures that the latest evidence-based interventions and innovations are integrated into the care provided to older persons. This approach allows the organisation to deliver care that is is evidence-based but also tailored to the specific needs and preferences of its residents.


Collaboration and Partnerships

GCA actively collaborates with academic institutions, research organisations, and industry experts to advance geriatric care knowledge and practices. Through these collaborations and partnerships, the organisation engages in collaborative research projects, knowledge sharing initiatives, and the exchange of best practices. By leveraging the expertise and diverse perspectives of these stakeholders, GCA aims to stay at the forefront of research advancements, incorporating cutting-edge findings into its care strategies and interventions.


Continuous Learning and Improvement

GCA fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement through research engagement. The organisation encourages its care providers and staff to actively participate in ongoing education, professional development, and research activities. By supporting and facilitating research involvement, GCA  aims to cultivate a workforce that remains at the forefront of geriatric care practices. This commitment to continuous learning ensures that the organisation consistently provides high-quality care that aligns with the latest research findings.

GCA’s commitment to data-driven and research-driven practices underscores its dedication to providing exceptional care to older persons.  It is these efforts GCA will continue to help shape the geriatric models of care, improve health outcomes, and enhance the well-being of older Australians.

Proudly working with organisations to drive new models of care:

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