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Our Vision

At GCA our vision is to provide readily available specialist care to older Australians, focusing on the principles of healthy ageing to promote wellbeing.

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Our Story

At Geriatric Care Australia (GCA), we are passionate about healthy ageing.


Healthy ageing is defined by the World Health Organisation as ‘the process of developing and maintaining functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age’. GCA strives to make this a reality for all older Australians.


Currently a disconnect exists between rhetoric and reality, with many older Australians unable to access the specialist medical support they need. At GCA, we offer every older Australian, irrespective of geographic location, culture, financial status or background, with access to bulk-billed specialist medical care.


By bridging this gap, we hope to truly improve the quality of life, wellbeing and health of all older Australians.

Our Values

At GCA we keep ‘PACE’ with the needs of the community to ultimately drive models of care that are patient centred to improve health outcomes for Older Australians.

P = Progressive - we utilise technology to support the facilitation of care and ultimately improve patient experience.


A = Accessible - we are passionate about providing readily available specialist services for all older Australians.

C = Comprehensive - having a thorough understanding of all our patients needs so we can assess and improve outcomes that matter.

E = Empowerment - Through education and support, we enable doctors, patients, carers and families to actively promote wellbeing and maintain quality of life.


Our Team

The Team at GCA comprises of 2 main healthcare professionals:

Geriatrician Team

A geriatrician is a 'specialist physician' with over 14 years hospital training to become (MBBS & FRACP) qualified.

Geriatricians all complete published research in various areas of aged health. Dementia and other cognitive conditions, frailty, multimorbidity, medication & polypharmacy, chronic pain, balance and falls prevention are all areas of focus. They therefore provide the highest level of general clinical care to over 65’s. 

Care Coordinators 

The team of Care Coordinators have deep expertise in medical administration and help facilitate the non-clinical care processes that enable geriatricians to do their work at the right place at the right time. This role includes scheduling consults with patients, family, carers and/or care facilities as well as billing medicare so GCA geriatricians can provide their services with no out-of-pocket costs to patients.

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