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Dr Desmond Graham

Lead Geriatrician

Dr Desmond Graham is a passionate advocate for educating and empowering the community on how to maintain independence and vitality as we age. Through his work, Dr. Des aims to equip individuals with practical tools to prevent or slow the onset of medical conditions, with the ultimate goal of reducing hospital admissions and promoting Healthy Ageing. He even hosts a podcast called "The Healthy Ageing Podcast" to spread this message far and wide.

Dr. Des' interest in Healthy Ageing was sparked by witnessing firsthand the inequalities in healthcare delivery. Having grown up in Broken Hill, a regional area in New South Wales, he saw how difficult it was for his family and friends to access specialist medical services and educational resources for maintaining their health and wellbeing. This motivated him to pursue a career in healthcare and dedicate himself to making a difference.

With over 14 years of medical training and experience, Dr. Des is an active member of the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine. He was also awarded the Alek Safarian Scholarship and has completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Sydney to acquire the necessary tools for enacting meaningful, long-lasting change within the healthcare sector.

Dr Desmond Graham
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